Saw this VW Beetle parked in my neighborhood on the way home from work today. A quick google image search showed that this is not the only one in existence, and that spigot in the back really does dispense beer.

The beer that the mohawk beetle is advertising is the Shock Top Belgian White made by Anheuser-Busch and according to one review is a “light-bodied golden-clouded Belgian-styled wheat ale [that] brings easygoing ‘orange-lemon-lime peeled’ tartness to daintily coriander-spiced sour-candied malts. Its watered-down fizzy-hopped orange soda flow softens astringent raspberry-strawberry-soured backend.”

May have to give the Shock Top a try based on that description alone. Whether that appeals to you or not, one thing’s for sure — you couldn’t drive this around without attracting attention.

Shock Top Belgian White at




2 Responses to Shock Top Mohawk VW Beetle

  1. bug fan says:

    saw the shock top bug in md. at a shopping center were did it come from wish i would have had my camera

  2. Thomas Albert says:

    I like the mohack on your bug. I have seen it many times. Would love to try and get me one for my car. I have a 2009hundai if you have that info, or know where to get one, i sure would like to know. Thanks,and my e-mail is

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